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College Board - DT
Reston, VA
235,000 SF
Commercial Interiors

College Board is a not-for-profit organization. The 235,000 SF brand new facility is located South of Market (SoMA) within Reston Town Center. Developed by Boston Properties, the 9 story building houses several business units for the College Board as well as support and ancillary spaces that include an art gallery, a cafe and a state-of-the-art conferencing facilities. "an innovative, collaborative, flexible and optimistic environment" were the governing attributes that drove the design process. The floors are organized around a central collaborative "hub" also known as the "Beacon" that extends through the core of the building on each floor. The Beacon contains meeting areas, support areas (such as production and pantry facilities) as well as mission critical program units (NOC, IT Rooms, Server Rooms and Desktop Support units). The Beacon in turn fragments and extends out into the open office plan to codify and anchor both formal and informal collaborative spaces such as main conference rooms, collaborative and impromptu meeting areas. The lighting and material strategies were orchestrated in a light, monochromatic palette to reinforce an optimistic feel of the work environment. Furniture selection, configuration and placement were carefully studied to insure that a collaborative environment is maintained without compromising individual privacy. The Beacon fragment further help to breakdown the scale of the open office plan and thus avoiding a "cube farm" outcome. Consultant stations as well as teaming stations are intertwined within the layout to promote flexibility among the business units and future growth/change. Transparency was carefully considered and placed to promote an open feel on each floor affording direct views to the exterior from any seated position on the floor. The project has been awarded USGBC LEED Gold certification.

Base Building: DudaPaine
Photography: Hochlander Davis Photogrophy

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