projects / buildings / Powerplant Restoration and Retail Center
Powerplant Restoration and Retail Center
Richmond, VA
30,000 SF
Adaptive Reuse

This project is a restoration and adaptive reuse project part of the Richmond Riverfront Development master plan. Located outside of the Richmond flood gates and embedded on the bank of the James River. The building was originally constructed in the late 1800's as a hydro-electric powerplant the powered the electric street car. Later converted into a conventional powerplant. The structure had been abandoned for over 30 years.

With the building plant level 28 feet below the flood plane, the design challenge was to create a legally habitable facilitiy that would function as an assembly space for either a market place or restaurants or both. Careful documentation of the existing structure was undertaken to facilitate a meticulous restoration project accompanied by all new strucutral system, roof, mechanical and electrical systems and all new glazing system.

The project aimed to reconcile multiple competing goals and priorities that are an inevitible bi-product of working with multiple entities comprised of two developer groups, the City of Richmond, the Richmond Riverfront Design Committee, VEPCO, City of Richmond Code Council, State and Federal historic Preservation Groups, just to name a few...

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